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Board of Directors | Officers

Officers & Directors of the Montana Osteopathic Medical Association

President:  Dorothy Sizemore, DO

Vice President/President-Elect: Brendon Smith, DO

Secretary/Treasurer:  Don Grewell, DO

Immediate Past President: Cathy Holmes, DO


Additional board members: 

  • Wynde Cheek, DO

  • Bruce Hayward, DO 

  • William Holmes, DO 

  • Elizabeth Palmerozzi, DO 

  • Douglas Woener, DO


MOMA Executive Director: Donald Grewell, DO


AOA House of Delegates 2022:

  • Elizabeth Palmarozzi, DO  

  • Don Grewell, DO

AOA House of Delegates 2021:

  • Lisa Pacheco, DO  

  • Don Grewell, DO

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